Internet Awareness and Safety for Educators and Parents

This wiki was originally created by Dr. Mark Wagner to support a series of workshops for educators and parents at the Laguna Beach Unified School District. It has been further supported by the Orange County Department of Education and the Fullerton School District. We hope that by sharing these resources online we might better support those who attended the workshops and others who are searching for support online.

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The World Wide Web has become a two-way web, where anyone can publish, share, and change information as easily as viewing or downloading it. This change offers powerful new opportunities for learning, but like many new technologies, it can also be abused. There are serious concerns that educators, parents, and students must recognize. There are also simple proactive strategies to reduce the risks.

This wiki includes introductions to the technologies, the benefits, the concerns, and proactive strategies for keeping students safe. By working together, the schools, police departments, and communities can help keep students safe online while still allowing (and encouraging) responsible and ethical use of these powerful new online tools.

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Workshop Outline (With Links)

Don't miss the updated workshop outline, including hotlinks to everything discussed in the workshop. This can be a useful resource for participants to review what they've heard and for presenters who plan to lead their own version of this workshop. Feel free to add additional links as appropriate.

Online Video Presentations

Watch a 60 minute presentation of this material at the 2007 National Educational Computing Conference:
With Power Comes Responsibility: Internet Awareness, Ethics, and Safety (streaming media)

Watch five short videos (about 5 minutes each) produced by the Orange County Department of Education based on this material:
Cyber Safety Video