Internet Awareness and Safety for Parents

Overview and Agenda

The World Wide Web has become a two-way web, where anyone can publish, share, and change information as easily as viewing or downloading it. This change offers powerful new opportunities for learning, but like many new technologies, it can also be abused. There are serious concerns that educators, parents, and students must recognize. There are also simple proactive strategies to reduce the risks.

This presentation is an introduction to the technologies, the benefits, the concerns, and proactive strategies for keeping students safe. By working together, the school district, the police department, and the community can help keep students safe online while still allowing (and encouraging) responsible and ethical use of these powerful new online tools.

1. The Technologies
2. The Benefits
3. The Concerns
4. Proactive Strategies
5. Questions and Answers
6. Hands-On with


The Technologies
The Benefits
The Concerns
Proactive Strategies

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